Revealed: the new blogging trick that will flood
your site with targeted traffic…
(…and why it knocks autoblogging into the dirt!)

If you blog to make money, you know how important content is… targeted content pulls in the traffic, and it's the traffic that makes you money…

But when I started blogging for cash, I found out something you probably know as well… it takes far too much time!

If you want to make money with your blog, you need new content every day. You need it to be relevant. You need it to be fully-armed with SEO. Doing this on one blog will take hours… trying to run multiple blogs (and we all know it's best to have lots) makes it a 25-hour-a-day job.

But just imagine… imagine if you didn't need to worry about any of that… if you knew that your blog was being automatically updated… with content based on keywords your visitors had already used to find it, so relevance was guaranteed…

I found a way to do this, and now I'm going to share it with you.

So how did I get all the traffic with none of the work?

I tried lots of things…

I tried outsourcing article writing, but it cost too much and I was always dealing with poor content and missed deadlines…

I tried autoblogging, but it was inefficient and ineffective. What's the use of having loads of content if none of it is properly targeted? If you're trying to sell someone a sports car, do you talk to them about gardening? No, of course you don't. Autoblogging does…

Not only that, but everyone knows Google doesn't like autoblogs… and if they don't like your blog, you don't get traffic. I don't know about you, but if I've got a blog… I want people to be able to find it… and that's just not going to happen with an autoblog.

I knew there was a better way… I just had to find it. It took a lot of development, but finally I had Digi Traffic Multiplier. This one WordPress plugin lets me update multiple blogs daily… or more often… with completely relevant, search engine optimised content… and I never even have to get out of bed.

Digi Traffic Multiplier does all the work for you. Once you set it going, it is a content generation machine… a robot working tirelessly to bring more traffic to your blog. It doesn't sleep. It doesn't miss deadlines. It doesn't give you irrelevant content.

Just 24/7 targeted content generation.

What Digi Traffic Multiplier does for you:

With the DTM working for you, you'll be able to:

  • 1. Update your blog with targeted content whenever you want… with no effort! Want a new, targeted post every day, 7 days a week? Of course you do, because new content means new traffic! You give the command and the DTM takes over… posting targeted content directly relevant to your niche… on complete autopilot.
  • 2. Arm yourself with the next generation of content-creation weaponry: old-style autoblogging fills your blog with low-quality content in the hope some of it might work. The DTM works with the precision of a military sniper. A unique algorithm works out the keywords your traffic will be using and generates content directly relevant to them… making every piece a direct hit!
  • 3. Create a conversation that everyone will want to join: it's a fact that people relate better to content if they feel a personal connection. The DTM comes with a bank of stock images… all with full permission to use alongside quotes and posts… and will automatically post them with the content to give your blog that personal touch.
  • 4. Post targeted content at any level: want something for the front-page? Or maybe a post buried in a sub-page… attracting traffic without disturbing your regular readers? Whichever you need, the DTM does it for you with the click of a button.
  • 5. Maximise your exposure to Google with complete on-page SEO: you know that if Google doesn't notice you, your blog is just a waste of cyberspace. The DTM automatically optimises every bit of content it generates, practically forcing search engines to pay attention!
  • 6. Use A-grade software for a bargain-basement price: The DTM hasn't just been hacked together like some other WordPress plugins… I made sure it was engineered by a professional programming team so I knew it was a weapons-grade product. Expensive? Yes it was, but the traffic I'm getting now means it was well worth it… and that's why you're far smarter than I am… you waited for me to put in the investment so you can buy it for a fraction of what it cost me to develop!

Not only that… but you get to be branded an expert in your niche

Pretty much regardless of your niche… it's safe to say you've got a lot of competition.

You need to stand out from the crowd…

It's a proven fact that people have more trust in an answer they are directly told rather than one they just see written down… now, the DTM can't yet project a hologram of you to answer your visitors' questions personally (maybe in version 2.0 :) )… but it can do the next best thing.

You can place an image of yourself next to all the autogenerated answers… instantly creating more trust in your visitors.

And why do you want more trust? Because that means while all your competitors are just posting up anonymous text… your visitors know your face… they have a personal connection with you… they see you as a reliable source, who can be trusted to give high-quality content…

And that's what makes them sign up to your list!

But what's the difference between Traffic Multiplication and Autoblogging?

Easy — traffic multiplication is the next level… taking everything that's good about autoblogging and making it better. Because autoblogging was useful in its day, but the world's moved on… and if you're going to be making money in IM, you'd better move with it. Think about it… if you saw a Porsche 911 sitting next to a cart pulled by a donkey, which one would you rather be riding in?

Here's just a few ways in which traffic multiplication leaves autoblogging in the dust:

Autoblogging Traffic Multiplication
Poorly targeted: Let's face it, autoblogging targeting is awful… because it doesn't target. It sprays mud at the wall and hopes some of it sticks… and meanwhile, you get a blog filled with muck. Highly targeted: the DTM uses specific terms your visitors are already using to generate new keywords and find content based directly on these related searches.
Looks rubbish: most autobloggers will just dump content into your blog without a thought for either SEO or how it looks to your visitors… not a good impression, in the unlikely chance they ever find it! Looks stunning: content is automatically given full on-page and SEO, and even better… the pre-loaded images show that these are real questions from real people… instantly making your blog an authentic source of information for your visitors.
Completely generic: autoblogged content looks like a copy-and-paste hack… because it is. The internet's a big place… you need to stand out… and you're not going to do it like this. Stand out from the crowd: The DTM lets you upload your own picture so you 'reply' to these real questions… instant authority! You're branded an expert source, head and shoulders above the rest of your niche.
Frequently illegal: if you publish someone else's content without their permission, that's an infringement of copyright. Does autoblogging check for permission? Of course not… it just grabs, dumps and runs. Completely white-hat content: the DTM only takes content from sources that actively encourage republishing.
Google hates autoblogs: and do you think you can do without Google traffic? If you think you don't need 70% of internet search traffic then go ahead, keep autoblogging… we'll be over here, making all that cash you don't want… Guaranteed Google-friendly: Sure, it's still autogenerated content… but when it looks as good as this it'll pass even a manual inspection.

Sounds good, but how do I start making money with Digi Traffic Multiplier?

Just 4 simple steps:

Download your copy of DTM and upload to your WordPress blog
Follow the step-by-step config instructions
Set the DTM to work
Sit back and watch your traffic go through the roof!

And that's it! You don't need to do any more. And while you're having fun, the DTM is working… and this is what it's doing:

Every time someone finds your blog through a search engine, the DTM instantly registers the keyword they used…

Within seconds, the keyword has been checked against Google and Yahoo's keyword suggestion tools, generating a range of long-tail and synonymic related keywords…

Content is found using these related terms on Yahoo Answers… a completely white-hat source with full permission to republish…

Any content you don't need is removed… and the rest receives complete and accurate on-page SEO…

The DTM publishes your new content, and you've just got a targeted post that'll draw search engine traffic like moths to a flame… all without you lifting a finger!

It's that simple. The DTM even works if you're just starting out with your blog… just seed it a few niche keywords and it'll generate the content to give you the kickstart you need! You'll have a river of targeted traffic flowing into your blog… and as we all know, more traffic means more money!

My cast-iron 60 day RISK-FREE guarantee

If you use Digi Traffic Multiplier and are not happy with it — if it doesn't work for you… if it's too awkward to use… heck, if you don't like the colour scheme — all you need to do is send me one e-mail and I'll refund your money. No complicated forms to fill in, no endless hoops to jump through. Just one e-mail. It's that simple.

How can I afford to be this generous? Simple — I'm so confident you'll be impressed that I can afford to make your investment absolutely risk-free.

Not only that, I'm going to be with you every step of the way

Digi Traffic Multiplier is designed to be the easiest content-generation tool on the market, and that doesn't stop with the product design. To guarantee that this will be one of the easiest ways you've ever made money, you will also get access to a dedicated support team.

You will benefit from:

Unlimited e-mail support forever:

I think Digi Traffic Multiplier is so easy to use you'll never need this, but if you ever have a problem then I'm just one e-mail away. Any problem you have, I'll get back to you inside one working day.

Total compatibility guarantee:

You know how annoying it is when WordPress release an update and suddenly all your plugins don't work, so I'm going to guarantee that will never happen. Digi Traffic Multiplier will be kept up to date with the latest version of WordPress and you'll receive all of these new editions absolutely free.

Regular updates:

If you've bought a Digi plugin before, you'll know that I find it really hard to stop making them better… but I don't want anyone who's been brave enough to get in early to miss out. That's why you'll get regular updates every time I add a new feature. No monthly payment, no update fee. It'll be yours, all for free.

The first step to making money with IM is getting the traffic… Digi Traffic Multiplier is CONSTANTLY WORKING to pull an endless flood of traffic into your blog

Traffic is king. It's as simple as that. You can have piles of opt-ins and amazing offers, but if you don't have the traffic, you don't get the money.

More traffic = more profit

But driving traffic is a 24/7 job, and you didn't get into IM because you wanted to work! This is what Digi Traffic Multiplier offers you — you push one button, and then it is always working to drive traffic your way.

You go for a coffee break, and the DTM is making you money

You go out for a meal with your partner, and the DTM is making you money

You go to bed at night, and the DTM is still making you money

What you do with that traffic is up to you… maybe you want to create a huge list… maybe you want to monetize it with a killer offer… either way, if you don't have the traffic, you're not getting any of it.

Sounds good, but what's it going to cost me?

Let's think about this in terms of what you get from the investment… how much could you make if you had 10x more traffic flowing into your blog?

That traffic builds your list, or buys your product… you'll have made $1500 before long, and that number only grows with time.

So if I was charging you $297, that'd be a 5× return on investment… and that's just the beginning. That's the kind of payoff that'd make a Wall Street banker weep with jealousy.

All yours for just $47

But I'm not going to sell it to you for $297.

I'm going to slash that price to $47. Just $47 will get you:

High quality content on complete autopilot…
A blog Google can't keep its eyes off…
More traffic to your site…
More subscriptions to your list…
More money in your pocket!

Wait a minute… I want to use this on all my blogs… will I have to pay $47 each time?
You absolutely will not. You can have a multiple site licence for $97, because there is absolutely no good reason when you have a system this powerful not to get as much out of it as you possibly can.

This is great, but it'd be even better if I could resell blogs I install it on…
You're absolutely right, on both counts! You want to flip blogs with Digi Traffic Multiplier installed, you go right ahead… all you need is a developer's licence for $297. And let's face it… with an offer like this you'll get that money back with one flip!

Sounds fantastic! Where can I get it?
To get started, just choose the licence that's right for you and click the "Add to Cart" button below.

Single site personal license – $47

Use it on one of your sites

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Multi site personal license – $97

Use it on all of your sites

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Developer license – $297

Sell blogs you've installed it on

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  • P.S. Update all your blogs with relevant content, with full on-page SEO, on complete autopilot! Arm your blog with Digi Traffic Multiplier and leave the old-fashioned autobloggers in the dust!